We try to keep our prices low so that you as a business owner can save money and maximize profits. If you are just getting shirts for yourself or an event, we can work with you on the price as well. We do offer discounts, contact us if you have any questions.


Basic white shirts with a one color design, Small to XL, start around $5.50 each, colored shirts with a one color design, Small to XL start around $6.50 each. 2XL and larger will cost $1.00 more per bigger size. Add $1.00 per color for multi colored designs. We can only do up to six colors.

Ink Charge

2 color design add $1.00

3 color design add $2.00

4 color design add $3.00 etc...


A charge of $15.00 is charged per screen. Each color of the design must have it's own screen. This is a one time charge, if you use us again for your shirts, this charge will not be applied. If there is a change to your logo or design, there will be a charge for any screen that has to be remade.



We use Photoshop and Illustrator to do our artwork. Art must be prepped before it goes to print. We use vector format, don't worry, we can convert your image for you. Some shops will charge you by the hour, we only charge you a one time fee per design. Don't have a design, no sweat, we can do that for you too!


Convert to Vector - $25.00

Custom Design or Logo - $45.00

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